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Being a smart marketer, you understand the crucial role a remarkable website plays in today’s digital landscape. A standout website has the power to attract a larger audience, generate numerous valuable leads, and ultimately foster the growth of your business.

However, building a website can often be a burdensome and expensive endeavor. Moreover, crafting compelling and captivating content for your website proves to be a challenging task in itself.

But what if I introduced a groundbreaking solution that can completely transform this entire process for you? Whether you believe it or not, such a solution is real!

Come along as we explore the intricate details of this solution in my upcoming review of WebGenie. You will discover how it can automate and streamline every aspect of website creation, making it a game-changer.


Thanks to Pranshu Gupta, I get the results I wanted

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WebGenie OTO – Overview


Product name WebGenie
Vendor Pranshu Gupta et al
Front-end price $17
Homepage https://www.webgenie.live/special/
Release Date 2023-May-21
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Niche Software
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

WebGenie OTO – What is it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the countless hours spent on creating websites and developing content for your online business? If your answer is a resounding yes, then it’s time to celebrate because your days of frustration and fatigue are about to come to an end, thanks to the revolutionary WebGenie.

As an experienced marketer, you understand the value of time, and every minute wasted on website building represents a missed opportunity for your business to thrive. That’s precisely why WebGenie is the perfect solution designed specifically for you.

WebGenie, the world’s first AI bot, is a game-changer in the field of website creation. It effortlessly builds fully functional and visually captivating websites with just a single click.

Furthermore, it produces AI-generated content that is remarkably human-like and automatically publishes content sourced from ChatGPT4, transforming the way you manage your website’s content. With the ability to generate content in 28 different languages, WebGenie ensures that your website can cater to a global audience.

What’s even better? WebGenie is now available at an incredibly affordable one-time fee. As a marketer, you understand the importance of having a visually appealing and informative website that captivates potential customers.

With WebGenie, you can have a website that showcases impressive aesthetics and a constant flow of unique content, ensuring your audience remains engaged and eager for more.

All you have to do is input your desired keyword, and let the AI handle the rest. WebGenie takes care of 99% of the tasks for you, eliminating the need for website creation, content writing, design elements, advertising, or SEO. Everything is effortlessly managed on your behalf.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell, WebGenie offers a range of ready-to-use options. Within seconds, you can leverage these offers and earn up to $997 per sale, without any waiting for approval and with direct payments to your bank account.

WebGenie knows no boundaries when it comes to geographical location. It seamlessly operates worldwide, whether you’re in the US, India, or even in the middle of a desert. As long as you have a working internet connection, you can harness the power of WebGenie to create numerous profitable websites.

Just imagine effortlessly crafting stunning and lucrative websites with just a few clicks. That’s all it takes—no technical expertise required, no need to hire external assistance. Our foolproof system ensures that anyone can create a website with ease.

One of the standout features of WebGenie is its global dominance. It goes beyond English content or English markets alone.

WebGenie has the ability to create and manage websites in 28 different languages, allowing you to establish a strong presence in any market, in any country. And the best part? You don’t even need to speak the language because WebGenie handles everything for you.

WebGenie surpasses expectations by acting as your AI agent. Each website created with WebGenie includes a customer chat box where visitors can interact with a ChatGPT4-like bot to obtain assistance and information related to your market. This feature alone is invaluable and sets you apart from your competitors.

To make things even more enticing, WebGenie eliminates the burden of monthly fees. We understand that paying a recurring fee for an application can be unfair, especially for those who are just starting out. That’s why we have decided to offer you the full power of AI with WebGenie for a small one-time fee.

Bid farewell to exhaustion and frustration. Embrace the transformative capabilities of WebGenie and witness your online business reach new heights. Don’t hesitate to explore the subsequent sections of this WebGenie Review as I will demonstrate its immense power!

WebGenie FE: WebGenie

$3 discount Coupon Code “WebGenie” on the Entire Funnel

WebGenie OTO 1: WebGenie Pro

WebGenie OTO 2: WebGenie Agency

WebGenie OTO 3: WebGenie Reseller

WebGenie OTO 4: WebGenie OPPYO Premium Membership

About Creator

WebGenie is created by Bizomart and Pranshu Gupta. They appeared in the launches of Academiyo, Buzzify, VidVee.

I guarantee we can trust these experts with over 20 years of experience in this field.

They’ve worked behind the scene that helps many clients write their own success stories.

So wait no longer to discover my WebGenie Review.

What Are the Features of WebGenie?

Build Fully Functional and Stunning Websites with a Click

Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring web designers and incurring hefty fees. With WebGenie, you can create professional websites with just a click. Simply choose your niche, and you’re ready to go.

Generate Human-Like AI Content

Each website you generate through WebGenie is automatically filled with unique and realistic content. The power of AI ensures that your content engages and resonates with your audience.

Generate content in 28 Languages

Expand your reach globally with WebGenie’s ability to automatically translate your content into 28 languages. No matter the country you’re targeting, WebGenie has got you covered.

Generate Attention-Sucking Images

Transform any keyword into stunning graphics generated by AI. Enhance your website’s visual appeal effortlessly without hiring graphic designers.

Auto Optimize Content with 1-Click

Gain insights into viral videos and the ease or difficulty of a niche before creating content. This feature empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your content strategy.

Automatically Publish Content from ChatGPT

WebGenie takes care of all the heavy lifting by automating the publishing of your content. With ChatGPT4 integration, your content will be published according to your schedule.

500+ DFY Themes

Choose from a vast selection of over 500 stunning templates tailored to various niches. Switching up your website’s design is as simple as a single click, with zero downtime.

100% Mobile-Optimized Websites

Ensure every website created through WebGenie is fully optimized for mobile devices. You can deliver a seamless browsing experience across all devices without glitches or errors.

Seamless AR Integration

Build your targeted email list effortlessly with WebGenie’s AR integration. Connect your autoresponder, sit back, and let WebGenie handle the rest.

1-Click Integration with WooCommerce

If you’re selling physical products, WebGenie seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to operate your store smoothly and hassle-free.

Built-In CRM

Manage all your leads from a centralized dashboard with WebGenie’s powerful built-in CRM. Streamline your lead management process and lighten your workload.

Built-In Appointment Booking

Simplify setting appointments with WebGenie’s automated appointment-setting features. Let WebGenie handle this task on autopilot, saving you time and effort.

Built-In Social Media Integration

Auto syndicate your content to over 50+ social media platforms with a single click. This feature drives highly targeted traffic to your website within seconds.

Commercial License Included

Your WebGenie purchase includes a commercial license, allowing you to utilize the software on client websites and open up additional revenue streams.

Automated Traffic from Top Social Media Sites

WebGenie automates driving traffic to your affiliate site. Each time you add a new product review, it automatically gets shared on Facebook, Twitter, Medium.com, Tumblr, and other top social sites, boosting your website’s visibility.

Fully Mobile-Ready Websites

Recognizing the significance of mobile traffic, WebGenie ensures that every site you create is fully mobile-friendly and compatible with various devices.

Social Proof and Testimonials Features

Establish authority and build social proof by adding multiple testimonials to your site with just one click. Testimonials play a vital role in boosting credibility and driving conversions.

Built-In Banner System for Ads

Monetize your website by displaying banner ads within your article content. This built-in banner system allows you to effortlessly promote special offers, deals, or your other websites/businesses.

Fully SEO Ready

WebGenie ensures that the sites you create are 100% SEO friendly, making it easier for your site to rank on search engines and attract organic free traffic. You can customize SEO settings from the powerful admin panel.

Simple, Easy & Powerful Admin Area

Use WebGenie’s user-friendly admin panel to control your site. Everything can be handled without any technical expertise, from managing and editing content to adjusting settings and products/courses.

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How Does It Work?

WebGenie is ready for you:



Say goodbye to the era of complicated technical setups and the requirement for extensive programming knowledge to build a website. WebGenie has completely transformed the process, eliminating the need for technical expertise or hiring someone at exorbitant costs.

In a matter of seconds, WebGenie will generate a unique and visually captivating website in any niche and language, all thanks to the remarkable capabilities of ChatGPT4 and AI. This innovative platform harnesses the power of the finest AI model available, placing website creation, content generation, promotion, and monetization at your fingertips on complete autopilot.

As I embarked on my own WebGenie journey, I was astounded by how effortless it was to get started. With just a few simple clicks, I gained access to the WebGenie app, which acts as the central hub for all my website-related activities.

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive training videos made navigating the platform a breeze for me. Within minutes, I was ready to unleash the full potential of AI, creating stunning websites and generating high-quality content with ease.

WebGenie truly lives up to its name, enabling me to effortlessly build fully functional and visually appealing websites with just a single click. Gone are the days of spending endless hours coding or hiring expensive web designers.

This AI-powered system takes care of everything, from selecting a niche to designing the layout of the website. I was impressed by the extensive collection of over 500 ready-to-use themes across various niches, allowing me to cater to the specific needs of my target audience.

While the inner workings of WebGenie may be intricate and involve a robust AI model, you don’t have to worry about understanding the technical details. It’s all handled seamlessly for you.

Years of development have culminated in an app that takes care of every aspect for you. WebGenie creates your website, populates it with compelling content, promotes it, and even optimizes it for search engines and mobile devices, all without the need for human intervention.

WebGenie surpasses its competition by being the only app that takes care of every single aspect for you. Sit back and relax while witnessing remarkable results unfold.

With WebGenie, you gain access to a plethora of features including ready-made websites, pre-loaded content, automated translation, stunning designs, SEO optimization, mobile optimization, traffic generation, social media syndication, CRM integration, appointment scheduling, WooCommerce integration, and much more.

One of the most impressive features of WebGenie is its AI content generator. With just a click of a button, my websites were filled with captivating and human-like content in multiple languages.

This automated process saved me valuable time and ensured that my websites were always fresh and enticing for visitors. The ability to generate content in 28 different languages opened doors to new markets and audiences, allowing me to expand my online presence globally.

WebGenie takes website interactivity to the next level with its seamless integration with ChatGPT4, an advanced AI language model. By enabling the customer chat box, visitors can engage with a ChatGPT4-like bot to receive personalized assistance and information tailored to their needs.

This powerful AI-driven feature enhances the overall user experience and builds trust, as visitors receive real-time support even when I’m not available. The seamless integration of AI throughout the platform ensures that I stay ahead of the curve when it comes to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Dominating any niche becomes a foolproof process with WebGenie’s simple three-step approach. Simply log in, enter your keyword, or select your niche, and let the AI create a stunning website for you. Sit back and witness the influx of thousands of clicks to your newly created AI-powered website.

Everything you need is included in the comprehensive WebGenie package. You’ll have access to the powerful WebGenie app, an AI content generator that fills your website with human-like content in multiple languages, built-in traffic generation capabilities, mobile optimization tools, and even a mobile edition for convenient access on your smartphone or tablet.

WebGenie provides comprehensive training videos to ensure that you have all the knowledge necessary to make the most out of the platform. Additionally, a dedicated support team is readily available to assist you promptly whenever you encounter any issues or have questions.

While my personal experience with WebGenie has been overwhelmingly positive, it’s important to address some drawbacks. Firstly, while WebGenie offers an extensive library of pre-designed themes, customization options are somewhat limited. It would be beneficial to have more flexibility in tailoring the design elements to align with specific brand requirements.

Furthermore, although the platform provides impressive SEO optimization features, having a more in-depth SEO analysis and reporting functionality would be advantageous for fine-tuning website performance and improving search engine rankings.

Overall, WebGenie is a true game-changer in the realm of website creation and online business. It offers unparalleled convenience, effectiveness, and automation, empowering users to achieve exceptional results without the technical hassle.


It’s not surprising that a select group of top affiliates consistently dominate the commission charts in the online marketing industry. When you analyze the leaderboards of popular product launches, you’ll notice that the same names consistently emerge as the frontrunners in terms of sales.

This level of success is not a mere coincidence. These marketers follow a specific system and outperform the competition through dedication and hard work. They go above and beyond by creating comprehensive reviews for each product they promote, sourcing demo videos, and providing added value through customized bonuses.

They then package everything together within polished review sites that exude authority, compelling visitors to make a purchase.

If you find it challenging to bring all these elements to the table yourself, you may struggle to achieve significant affiliate earnings. However, what if I told you there’s a solution that enables you to launch a brand-new website in under 60 seconds?

Yes, you’ve understood it correctly – you can have a fully functional website with complete articles without having to write a single word of content or perform any manual work.

Just imagine the power of instantly establishing your authority with an affiliate review site that features top-converting, evergreen offers. Each product comes with professionally written reviews and high-quality bonuses that persuade people to make purchases through your site.

WebGenie makes all of this possible and more. Not only does it take care of setting up your website, but it also provides 100% free traffic, eliminating the need for a mailing list or incurring additional hosting costs.

One of the key reasons why WebGenie has gained immense popularity among internet marketers is its ability to simplify website creation. Gone are the days of struggling with complex technicalities or having to hire expensive web designers.

With WebGenie, you can effortlessly build a fully functional and visually stunning website with just a few clicks. Its extensive library of over 500 ready-to-use themes ensures that your website aligns with the specific needs of your target audience, allowing you to stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

The process is simple and consists of three steps: log in, customize, and launch. Once you import the necessary elements, you can sit back and witness your website come to life in less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

This software makes it incredibly convenient to generate commissions and create passive income streams without the complexities typically associated with setting up a WordPress site, writing lengthy articles, creating demo videos, designing marketing banners, or waiting for affiliate link approvals.

Content generation can be a time-consuming task for online business owners. However, with WebGenie’s AI-powered content generator, this hurdle is eliminated. With just a single click, you can fill your website with unique, human-like content that captivates your visitors and keeps them engaged.

Furthermore, this advanced AI has the ability to generate content in 28 languages, allowing you to effortlessly tap into global markets. Bid farewell to writer’s block and the hours spent crafting content – WebGenie takes care of it all on autopilot.

WebGenie elevates your online marketing efforts by incorporating automation into its core functionalities. The integration of ChatGPT4, an innovative AI language model, enables you to engage with visitors through an interactive chatbot, even when you’re unavailable.

This enhances customer satisfaction, improves user experience, and fosters trust. Additionally, WebGenie’s social media syndication feature empowers you to effortlessly share your content across more than 50 social media platforms, driving highly targeted traffic to your website within seconds.

So, who can benefit from this groundbreaking system? It’s ideal for those who dislike writing content but desire to establish a profitable website that earns commissions.

If you’re new to online marketing and haven’t yet created a website, WebGenie offers a hassle-free solution for launching your site without any daunting tasks. Moreover, even if you find website creation challenging and time-consuming, this software allows you to overcome those obstacles effortlessly.

In addition to its impressive array of features, WebGenie now offers commercial rights, which opens up a lucrative income stream for you. With this new capability, you can not only launch your own customized websites but also create and sell websites to clients, earning daily commissions from each sale. Additionally, you can generate passive profits through the integration of AdSense and Amazon ads on your site.

Having extensively used WebGenie and witnessed its transformative power firsthand, I can confidently say that it is an investment worth making. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and convenience make it a true game-changer for online businesses.

WebGenie delivers on its promises, providing efficient website creation, time-saving content generation, and automated marketing functionalities. While no tool is without its minor limitations, the benefits of WebGenie far outweigh any drawbacks.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a busy marketer looking to add a hands-free income stream, this comprehensive system has everything you need to succeed. With WebGenie, you can unlock new possibilities and maximize your potential for earning online.

What People Say About WebGenie

I guess you and I can predict that:

Who Should Use It?

Generally, WebGenie is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ Deploy Stunning Websites By Leveraging ChatGPT…

✅ All Websites Are Prefilled With Smoking Hot, AI, Human-Like Content

✅ Instant High Converting Traffic For 100% Free

✅ 100% Of Beta Testers Made At Least $100 Within 24 Hours Of Using WebGenie.

✅ HighTicket Offers For DFY Monetization

✅ No Complicated Setup – Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes

✅ We Let AI Do All The Work For Us.

✅ Get Up And Running In 30 Seconds Or Less

✅ Instantly Tap Into a $1.3 Trillion Platform

✅ Leverage A Better And Smarter AI Model Than ChatGPT4

✅ 99.99% Up Time Guaranteed

✅ ZERO Upfront Cost

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found. 


WebGenie has 1 Front-end & 4 OTOs:

Front-end: WebGenie ($17)

OTO1: WebGenie Pro ($37)

Downsell To Lite ($27)
  • Create Unlimited Websites To Serve As Many Clients As You Want
  • Drive Unlimited Leads from Website, Blog, Page & E-com Sites
  • Pro-Business Theme with Upgraded Features To Create Even More Engaging Websites
  • Get 400+ Eye-Catchy and Customizable Color- Templates
  • White-labeling To Show Your Developers Details On Themes Without Touching Any Code
  • Cutting-Edge Autoresponder Integration to Send Emails to Your Subscribers Automatically
  • Create Even More Engaging & Beautiful Websites With Over 1 Million Royalty Free Stock Photos
  • Skilfully Crafted 20+ Logo Templates with Editable Files
  • 100+ DFY Blog Posts in 20+ Local Niches to Engage Potential Customers By Educating Them
  • Get All These Benefits at An Unparalleled Price

OTO2: WebGenie Agency ($47-$67)

Option 1: 200 Client Licenses ($47)
Option 2: Unlimited Client Licenses ($67)

Pro-Agency Theme to Sell Your Services On Your Own Premium Agency Marketplace
Add Your Own Services To Start Selling & 2X Your Benefits
Get Unlimited Client Agency License To Serve Unlimited Clients
Add Unlimited Team Members
BONUS 1- 6 Done-For-You Marketing Services Toolkits For 20+ Red Hot Niches
Social Media Toolkit
Reputation Management Toolkit
SEO Toolkit
Google AdWords Toolkit
Facebook Ads Toolkit
Media Buying Toolkit
BONUS 2- Video & Graphics Commercials For 20+ Red Hot Local Niches
High-Converting Video Commercials to Turn Visitors to Potential Buyers
Print Media Commercials in Ready-to-Print and Editable Templates

•Business Cards

• Brochure

• Flyers

• Letter Head

• Envelope

• CD/DVD Covers

• Coupons

• Business Proposal Templates with Inner pages design
BONUS 3- High-Quality Prospecting Material in All 20 Local Niches
Professional High Converting Prospecting Videos
Hypnotizing Cold/Tele-Calling Scripts
Ready-to-use Auto-responder email Swipes

OTO3: WebGenie Reseller ($47-$97)

Option 1: 100 Client License ($47)
Option 2: Unlimited Client License ($97)

YES- You’ll Get To Use All Their…

  • Marketing Pages
  • Sales Videos
  • Members Area
  • Sales funnels etc.

OTO4: WebGenie OPPYO Premium Membership ($77/Month-$497-$247/Monthx3)

Option 1: Monthly Membership ($77/Month)
Option 2: One-Time Plan ($497)
Option 3: 3 Installment ($247/Monthx3)
  1. SAVE TIME & EFFORT: Everything you need, all in one place. OPPYO’s all-in-one integrated platform helps you start, manage, and grow your entire online business from one place. Save your time, money, and energy, and do more business online.
  2. BRING MORE GROWTH: At Every Stage Of Customer Lifecycle. OPPYO brings you fortune 500 companies’ growth strategy and technology in an easy way to get more conversions, more sales, and more growth.
  3. START – QUICK & EASY: Easy Platform with Top-Notch Support. OPPYO is made for business owners like yourself and is very easy to use. Also, our 24*7 support & FREE training will help you get started quickly & easily.


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any experience to get started?
    None, all you need is just an internet connection. And you’re good to go
  • Is there any monthly cost?
    Depends, If you act now, NONE. But if you wait, you might end up paying $997/month. It’s up to you.
  • How long does it take to make money?
    Our average member made their first sale the same day they got access to WebGenie.
  • Do I need to purchase anything else for WebGenie to work?
    No, WebGenie is the complete thing. You get everything you need to make it work. Nothing is left behind.
  • What if I failed?
    While that is unlikely, we removed all the risk for you. If you tried WebGenie and failed, we will refund you every cent you paid
    And send you $300 on top of that just to apologize for wasting your time.
  • How can I get started?
    Awesome, I like your excitement, All you have to do is click any of the buy buttons on the page and secure your copy of WebGenie at a one-time fee


I hope that my WebGenie OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you

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