Search GPT OTO – $75/Hour – using NEW “WWW” Chat-GPT “Plugin” – SearchGPT Review

As a marketer, your quest for innovative tools to enhance strategies and outperform competitors is relentless. The emergence of Chat-GPT has garnered considerable attention due to its transformative capabilities. However, there is a notable obstacle that needs to be addressed.

The hindrance lies in Chat-GPT’s training data, which is limited to information up until 2021. Consequently, it lacks awareness of developments in 2022 and 2023.

For marketers like us, this limitation is disheartening. We are eager to promote the latest affiliate programs, capitalize on trending products, explore emerging niches, create content with fresh keywords, and thrive at the forefront of our industry.

Fortunately, an exciting solution has emerged to overcome this hurdle. By seamlessly integrating Chat-GPT with Google search, we can now grant this powerful AI system real-time access to virtually any website online. This breakthrough revolutionizes our interactions with AI, providing up-to-the-minute knowledge to enhance our marketing endeavors.

No longer do we need to grapple with the frustration of adapting “2021 GPT” to a 2023 context. With Chat-GPT seamlessly connected to Google, we can tap into a vast repository of information, empowering our AI companion with the latest insights.

To fully explore the incredible potential of this integration, I invite you to delve into my comprehensive Search GPT Review below. Discover how this game-changing approach can reshape your marketing strategies and propel your success to unprecedented heights.


Thanks to Chris X et al & Rich W, I get the results I wanted

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Search GPT OTO – Overview


Product name Search GPT
Vendor Chris X et al & Rich W
Front-end price $15
Release Date 2023-May-20
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Niche Software
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund 60 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Search GPT OTO – What is it?

Are you prepared to elevate your affiliate commissions to unprecedented heights through the utilization of the latest AI technology? Envision a tool that surpasses the capabilities of Chat-GPT by a factor of ten, generating daily earnings ranging from $100 to $430.

What if this extraordinary tool seamlessly integrated with ClickBank, UpWork, and WarriorPlus? Moreover, what if it endowed Chat-GPT with the ability to access Google search and any website in real-time?

Introducing Chris, an exceptional individual who has uncovered the secret to affiliate success. While reaping profits from renowned platforms like ClickBank, Warrior, and Upwork, Chris has achieved extraordinary results through a unique approach.

Chris has harnessed the power of Chat-GPT and crafted his software add-on, an “AI plugin technology” that remains shrouded in secrecy, aptly named Search GPT.

With this state-of-the-art Search GPT, Chris effortlessly connects Chat-GPT to Google and the internet with a mere click, resulting in daily earnings of $100 to $400. In fact, Chris has even achieved monthly earnings of up to $3,000 using his exceptional 1-click “AI-Chains.”

The potential is boundless when you harness AI-driven ultra-targeted buyer traffic that holds a value of $5-10+ per click. Chris takes it a step further by leveraging Upwork to add an extra $200 whenever he desires a “lazy AI top-up.” And now, he is extending an invitation to join him on this extraordinary journey, empowering you to build your own AI empire starting today.

While Chat-GPT stands as the most formidable AI in existence, it faces a significant hurdle. Its data is confined to September 2021, lacking knowledge of recent product launches and current news. It remains stagnant in a time before AI flourished, missing out on an astounding $30 trillion worth of commercial opportunities.

But what if you could introduce both versions of Chat-GPT, 3.5 and 4.0, to the entire internet while granting them access to Google search? Imagine the fusion of Chat-GPT with the entire web and any keyword, resulting in mind-boggling outcomes. This is where the revolutionary Search GPT comes into play.

Search GPT is the world’s first application that establishes a connection between Chat-GPT and both Google Search and the entirety of the web.

Empowered with profitable prompt templates, Search GPT equips you to input your prompt, keywords, and website URLs, enabling Chat-GPT to swiftly scan relevant websites and extract up to 10,000 words, delivering an updated response within seconds.

By harnessing the immense power of Google and the vast web, Search GPT ensures that your content remains current, accurate, and surpasses the limited capabilities of Chat-GPT.

With Search GPT, you can elevate your Chat-GPT prompts by incorporating pertinent web search results, fostering dynamic and up-to-date conversations.

This robust chatbot is not only capable of generating digital images and responding to voice commands, but it also boasts additional features. It addresses the limitations of Chat-GPT, ushering in a new era of AI-driven content generation.

Bid farewell to outdated answers and embrace the future of AI-powered marketing. Immerse yourself in the remarkable potential of Search GPT by exploring the following sections of this comprehensive Search GPT review. Witness firsthand how this transformative tool empowers marketers like yourself to unlock unparalleled success.

Search GPT FE: Search GPT
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Search GPT OTO 1: Search GPT PRO
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Search GPT OTO 2: Search GPT DoneForYou
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Search GPT OTO 3: Image Whisperer 2.0
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About Creator


Search GPT is brought to you by Chris X, Vivek, and Rich Williams.

Every product of theirs shows a lot of conscientiousness that they put inside: Plugin ProfitsCommission CreatorPrimo Profits, Crypto Bank, 100K ClonerProfit PusherProfit Forcer, etc.

Juicy information is waiting for you in my Search GPT Review.

What Are the Features of Search GPT?

Exclusive Profitable AI Prompts

  • Gain access to our latest, highly profitable AI commands (“prompts”) that have generated $100-400 per day consistently since May 2023.
  • These pre-loaded 1-click templates are designed for platforms like ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and Upwork.
  • Simply run them in the software and customize them to your specific needs.

State-Of-The-Art AI Technology

  • While Chat-GPT is undeniably powerful, it is widely used by millions of marketers.
  • By embracing SearchGPT, you gain an unbeatable advantage in the competitive AI landscape 2023.
  • Stand out from the crowd and leave your competitors in awe.

Revolutionary “Search GPT” App

  • With our SearchGPT software, you can turbocharge your speed and multiply your potential profits by 10x compared to Chat GPT alone.
  • This powerful tool applies to any business or website, allowing you to leap into the future and witness astonishing results.

Live Access to Google Search

  • Search GPT provides users unparalleled live access to Google search, harnessing the immense knowledge and information on the web.
  • It enables users to retrieve accurate and relevant search results in real time, ensuring up-to-date information for any query.

Seamless Integration with Any Website

  • One of the standout features of Search GPT is its ability to seamlessly integrate with any website.
  • Users can effortlessly connect Chat-GPT with their preferred websites, leveraging the wealth of content available across various platforms.

Enhanced Niche Exploration

  • Search GPT is a gateway to exploring new niches, trends, and markets.
  • By connecting GPT with different websites and keywords, users gain valuable insights into emerging industries and untapped opportunities.

Curated Content Selection

  • With Search GPT, GPT AI autonomously browses websites and selects the most relevant content to address the user’s query.
  • Searching thousands of words and extracting pertinent information, Search GPT saves users valuable time and effort searching through vast content.

Customizable Prompt Templates

  • Search GPT offers pre-made prompt templates for specific use cases, such as website marketers, content marketers, affiliates, and webmasters.
  • Users can leverage these templates to generate prompts tailored to their needs, ensuring efficient and accurate results.

Automation and Autopilot Mode

  • Search GPT introduces automation to the AI-powered searching process.
  • It lets users put AI on autopilot, streamlining their workflow and freeing time for other essential tasks.

Profits and Monetization

  • Search GPT unlocks a new dimension of profit potential with AI.
  • By combining GPT’s capabilities with live Google search and access to various websites, users can leverage this technology to generate substantial daily profits.
  • Platforms like ClickBank, Upwork, WarriorPlus, and more have become fertile ground for users to monetize their AI-powered searching.

Constant Updates and Fresh Content

  • Search GPT ensures users have access to the latest information and content.
  • Users can rely on Search GPT to adapt and incorporate new data as the web evolves, giving them a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Comprehensive Training Videos

  • Alongside the copy-paste templates and software, we provide advanced training videos that delve deep into AI.
  • These videos offer detailed explanations of the entire process, ensuring you have a solid understanding of maximizing AI technology’s benefits.

For more information about this product, click the button below:


How Does It Work


Have you heard the latest news in the realm of AI? There’s an ongoing showdown between Google and Chat-GPT, each vying for the title of the superior AI. Let’s face the reality: Chat-GPT currently holds the crown as the top AI, while Google reigns supreme as the best search engine. But just imagine the possibilities if we were to combine these two powerhouses.

What if we could grant Chat-GPT live access to Google search and every website on the entire internet? Can you fathom the transformative impact it would have on your profits? This is where Search GPT steps in.

At present, Search GPT is already generating over $400 per day. The mastermind behind this groundbreaking achievement, Chris, employs the familiar Chat-GPT prompts but now empowers the AI with real-time access to both Google and any website.

The results are mind-boggling—$400 per day, $55 per hour, and even an astonishing $2,200 per day—simply by plugging in the “standard” GPT into Google search and the vast World Wide Web. It is hailed as a fundamental upgrade to Chat-GPT, and rightfully so, as it emerges as the most profitable AI solution available.

But what sets this technology apart and makes it incredibly lucrative? Every time you engage in a conversation with the AI, it embarks on a multitude of tasks. It performs countless calculations, conducts searches on Google, navigates websites and affiliate programs, extracts and parses information, scrapes data, and applies logical reasoning.

All of this accumulated research is then consolidated into a super query, which the AI utilizes to provide you with an answer. The potential of this approach is truly astounding. You can leverage the power of this AI technology to acquire valuable buyer leads, secure lucrative commissions, excel on platforms like ClickBank, dominate the realm of Shopify, and thrive on popular platforms such as Upwork. In essence, it enhances every use case of Chat-GPT.

What’s even more astonishing is that this app stands alone globally. There is nothing else quite like it. The evidence from just this week alone is mind-blowing. Yes, it utilizes Chat-GPT (compatible with versions 3.5 and 4.0), and the best part is that you can access it directly from your browser.

There’s no need to get lost in the complexities of AI or delve into the intricacies of GPT and Google search. With this AI and the new plugin, you gain the competitive edge to surpass everyone in the field.

Believe me when I tell you, this is the ultimate solution for profitable AI. It’s a groundbreaking approach that no one else has even contemplated. It remains untapped, fresh, and exclusive. Despite its recent introduction, it has already been proven and is now ready for you to explore.

With this AI at your disposal, you can effortlessly leverage its capabilities to generate income-generating assets right from your browser. Simply choose one of the pre-made prompts or create your own, enter the relevant websites or keywords you want GPT to scan, and sit back as the AI constructs the assets for you.

This groundbreaking method is at the forefront of innovation, freshly introduced in May 2023, and largely undiscovered by others. It offers a 100% done-for-you online profiteering experience that is as easy as pushing a button. It stands as the world’s first AI that enables effortless copy-and-paste moneymaking.

Even if you’re new to this field, without a mailing list, product, or website, you’re covered. The AI will autonomously construct all the necessary components for your online success by leveraging its newfound internet prowess. Don’t let this groundbreaking opportunity slip through your fingers. Seize the chance to transform your online ventures into profitable endeavors.

  • Step 1

Open the GPT app in your browser and connect it to Chat-GPT or version 4.0. This simple setup takes less than a minute and incurs no additional costs.

  • Step 2

Connect the app to Google Search and the entire World Wide Web. You can choose from a selection of preloaded prompts or create your own.

Additionally, you can provide keywords and/or websites for GPT to learn from. GPT will autonomously browse these websites and keywords, select relevant content, and deliver its standard-issue, genius-level response.

  • Step 3

Repeat this process daily throughout 2023. Each day presents new opportunities for affiliate programs, trending niche news topics, and technical advancements—areas where GPT lacks knowledge.

However, your copy of Chat-GPT remains teachable, constantly updated, and able to connect with any website or keyword search, giving you an edge over other GPT users.


Are you eager to unlock the immense profit potential of AI? If you’ve dabbled with Chat-GPT but felt that something was missing, then you absolutely need this revolutionary “Chat-GPT” addon – Search GPT!

This one-of-a-kind addon seamlessly integrates with your existing GPT AI and opens up a whole new realm of possibilities by connecting it to Google and any desired website. What’s even more astonishing is that it’s currently generating an impressive $400 per day, far exceeding the ordinary.

This addon is a true game-changer and it’s still fresh on the market. Now, don’t get me wrong – I absolutely admire Chat-GPT and use it for various creative purposes.

However, when it comes to harnessing Chat-GPT’s profit potential, it’s not as widely discussed. While we often hear about the exciting breakthroughs and cool features of AI, what if your main objective is simply to monetize it?

It’s no surprise that millions of individuals are utilizing Chat-GPT, but it’s a rarity to find those who are truly successful in monetizing it.

So, what’s the ultimate solution? Enter the revolutionary “GPT plugin” called Search GPT. This ingenious plugin harnesses the power of the familiar Chat-GPT technology and grants it real-time access to Google search and the entire World Wide Web.

In essence, you can introduce GPT to any niche, trend, affiliate program, offer, product, keyword, or content you desire, all while ensuring that no other user has the same level of access.

Think of it as an “AI skin” that seamlessly overlays Chat-GPT, perfectly fitting it like a glove. However, this “AI skin” takes GPT AI to the next level by providing live access to Google search and seamless integration with any website.

This revolutionary upgrade is a true game-changer. It breathes new life into GPT AI and empowers it to generate substantial daily profits – be it $100, $300, or even $400. What’s more, it can be applied across various platforms such as ClickBank, Upwork, WarriorPlus, and more.

You are just moments away from finally profiting with AI, but there is a crucial aspect you need to be aware of. The level of automation and the sheer time and effort invested in each step of AI’s full autopilot mode is truly astounding.

While Chat-GPT and other generative AI tools are undoubtedly captivating, we must acknowledge that we have only scratched the surface of their potential. It’s easy to suspect that a group of AI enthusiasts has already mastered the technology and is reaping its rewards, quietly disappearing into the depths of the digital realm.

We possess concrete evidence of the astounding results we achieve daily with this addon—real and tangible outcomes on platforms like ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, Google, and numerous others. And you know what’s even more exciting? Chris, the brilliant mind behind this innovation, is already leveraging it to his advantage.

AI plugins are undeniably game-changers, yet only a privileged few are aware of their existence. The best part is that you can begin profiting right now. Anyone with access to Chat-GPT can embark on this transformative journey.

Simply connect your GPT, and the possibilities will be boundless with continuous access to live Google searches. However, time is of the essence as the price is set to increase in the next hour. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock the full potential of AI and start profiting like never before.

Who Should Use It?

Generally, Search GPT is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ FINALLY! AI that actually makes money

✅ GOOGLE SEARCH combined with Chat-GPT!

✅ LIVE INTERNET combined with Chat-GPT!


✅ AI AUTO-UPDATES – when the NET does!

✅ LIMITLESS POTENTIAL to “scale profits”

✅ MONETIZE EVERY UPDATE on ClickBank, Shopify, W+, eBay, Amazon & ♾️ mega-sites!

✅ 100% GUARANTEED you connect GPT to Google + WWW.. or TRIPLE your money-back!

✅ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


Search GPT has 1 Front-end & 7 OTOs:

Front-end: Search GPT ($11)

OTO1: Search GPT PRO ($47)

  • Unlock 500%+ Profits… In 1 Click (100% Automatically)
  • Unlock 500%+ Commissions… In 1 Click (100% Automatically)
  • Unlock 500%+ Traffic… In 1 Click (100% Automatically)
  • Unlock 500%+ Leads… In 1 Click (100% Automatically)
  • Unlock All Restrictions… In 1 Click (100% Automatically)
  • Boost Your Profits 5x In 1 Click (100% Automatically)
  • Boost The Speed Of The AI.

OTO2: Search GPT DoneForYou ($97)

  • Create AI-Powered Software Tools
  • Make Money Selling AI Apps
  • Make 100% on ClickBank, Warrior & JVZoo
  • 10x Types Of Software – Built By AI!
  • Tap Into A $20 Billion Niche.. With GPT!
  • Bank 100% Of Profits & Leads
  • Create Web-Based Software Apps in Minutes!
  • Make $500 Software Tools in ANY Niche
  • GPT + My “App-Builder” Hack Does It ALL!

OTO3: Image Whisperer 2.0 ($37)

  • STEAL Our 15x A.I. Prompts To Create UNLIMITED Graphics
  • Just Insert 1-3x Keywords For A Perfect Image In ANY Niche!

OTO4: Chromed Out v3.04 ($97)

And GET THIS! – you can customize the prompts to your own…
And GET THIS! – you get full resell rights to the tool…
And GET THIS! – you can white-label and rename the plugin…
And GET THIS! – I’ll show you exactly how I used GPT to make it!

And Join now to go truly NEXT LEVEL with Chat-GPT and AI

OTO5: Pushable – Pure Campaigns ($37)

  • Earn 100% “PURE PROFIT” with 10x proven top-selling products – PRELOADED into the app!
  • Earn over $3,000 promoting these softwares that sold over $500,000 in the last year (and keep selling!)

OTO7: Pushable – Megabundle ($77)

Get 39 Of Our Best Selling Products Instantly
Get 10 Software That Help You Build A List, Create Video, Drive Traffic & More…
The Same Software That Cost Me $300k To Build
This Mega Bundle Will Never Be Offered Again…
60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Search GPT?
    The world’s first app that connects Chat-GPT to BOTH Google search and the entire WWW (any website) AND comes preloaded with our profitable prompt templates.
  • How can I use AI to generate $xxx to $x,xxx per day?
    You can log in to the Search GPT software INSTANTLY in your browser. Then use the same methods that made us money.
  • Why would I need to give Chat-GPT LIVE web/search access?
    Speaking as a marketer who’s grossed over TWENTY million dollars (I stopped counting around a decade ago), almost all the money I make is with “new” stuff. Either I catch a new trend early, promote a new launch when it’s fresh, jump on a new trend, launch a new ecom product, etc. Chat-GPT is INSANELY powerful, but its training data caps off in September 2021. By giving GPT access to LIVE search and the WILD Internet, we now get a powerful 3-headed hydra beast, spitting dollar-shaped flames into our greasy little bottoms. Bottom line, this is THE upgrade you didn’t know your own bottom line needed.. until you click the button and see for yourself.
  • Does this Search GPT really upgrade Chat-GPT? And plug it into search and any site?
    Yes, Search GPT really does do this. You just enter your prompt as usual (or use one of our mega-templates), plus also enter some keywords and/or websites (or an affiliate offer, or one of your competitors) then run SearchGPT. The app gives GPT access to both search and the WWW, upgrading its profit potential, giving it LIVE data that your competitors don’t have, and of course, it constantly updates every second that the Internet does, now and forever!…
  • I am a retired, confused technophobe. Will Search GPT help?
    The good thing about AI is no one else knows how to use it either.. except me. That’s why the UX is the simplest I’ve ever made (despite the fact it stands on the shoulder of trillion-dollar giants). Oh, and I am writing the attached course in crayons. It’s hand-puppet time, but by the end, even confused newbies will become grizzled Jon Connors.
  • How can I make money with AI today?
    Many ways. If you do “normal marketing” then I will give you MANY templates and tactics. Also, remember I will hand you specific case studies – how I made $135, $446, even $2,259 per day – using AI (I dive into each method in depth, and give you the “copy-paste-blueprint”)


I hope that my Search GPT OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

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